Hi and welcome to my  website.  My name is Kimberli (Kimmy) Darling.  I'm a Yoga Teacher/Therapist, Christian Certified Yahweh Yoga teacher Registered Nurse at The University of Michigan in Brandon NICU, with a background in Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion.  I'm an American Council on Exercise Certified Group Fitness Instructor and Raw Food Chef.  Currently, I work with premature and critically ill infants after many frustrating years of caring for adults who neglected and/or abused their health. Enter Yoga into my life.  I had been teaching aerobic fitness classes (Step, Kick Boxing, Dance Fitness) with a tad of Yoga sprinkled into each class when my personal yoga teacher quit the gym and the need arose for her replacement.  I believe in formal training and that year went through Yoga Fit Training which wet my appetite for even more.  I went on to train at the 200 level in Chandler, AZ at Yahweh Yoga and the following year graduated from the 500 level with an emphasis in Medical Yoga Therapy.  Since that time I've been working to bring my Yahweh Yoga training to where it belongs, church which very recently happened thanks to Pastor Kelley Runion when he asked "What's your next step?" Stay tuned...In the meantime, I'm in training as a Certified Yoga Nurse with Annette Tersigni, which is a perfect match for someone who believes that believes in seeking alternative ways from medication (when possible) to improve health.  Certified Yoga Nurses relieve stress, anxiety, pain and suffering through the Sacred Remedy RX, which is a process of healing using Sacred Breath, Sacred Movement, and Sacred Rest. The above to outline services availableKimmy Darling is a nurse who wishes to live in a world where before  a person reaches for a pill to fix a pain or food to fill a void other than physiological hunger, people stop, center and do yoga. She believes yoga puts us back in touch with our core being, broadens our awareness to the point of reconnection, reorientation and restoration to a better place in health whether it be physical, spiritual or psychological.  From that "better place" we are able to handle the demands of the day ahead.  


As a Christian yoga teacher/RN and medical yoga therapist, Kimmy teaches her students to listen to their bodies, by honoring it using an insightful hybrid of asana, intention (focused prayer), breathing techniques that bridge the gap between body and mind and finally worship which is where the outcome of the session comes from, the power of the Holy Spirit.  By the end of a session, individuals emerge relaxed, rejuvenated, refreshed, restored.  The Christian Yoga setting...  Glory to GOD.  



Kimmy has taught classes in health clubs, schools, hospitals, on the beach, the corporate world and finally church.  She has done workshops, motivational speaking  gigs on preventative wellness and fitness.  


When Kimmy is not teaching yoga she can be found in a Zumba class, on her boat in the summer, or inventing healthy dishes for her husband Steve, and entertaining her family, friends.  


Kimmy's plans for 2016 include bringing yoga to the beach near her home on Portage Lake, working on a portable prayerful yoga workshop for interested  churches and promoting Yoga Nursing to her fellow nurses at the University of Michigan and several smaller hospitals in her old stomping ground, Toledo, Ohio.  


Keep in-the-know with Kimmy's upcoming Yoga/Wellness steps on this website.  Stay tuned...