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Medical Yoga Therapy with Kimberli Darling, RN/CYN/RYT 500/CCYT, A.C.E Group Fitness Instructor

As a Certified YogaNurse® I offer practical, medication free therapies designed to relieve stress, anxiety, pain, and suffering. Combining the ancient wisdom of yoga with the science of modern nursing, I teach my clients simple, easy ways to feel better, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. YogaNurses® are specialists in stress management and pain relief.

Medical Yoga taught by a YogaNurse can be therapeutic and life CHANGING.  If you are tired of years of dealing with low energy levels, stiff joints and muscles, poor sleep pattern, anxiety, being totally out of touch with your body or lack of confidence, let’s talk!  Imagine receiving information about your health and instruction from an individual who is one part Registered Nurse, one part Yoga Teacher in a therapeutic environment where your nervous system is taught to center and tame, your immune system is stimulated with postures that help move lymphatic fluid, (rich with infection fighting white blood cells) in to targeted areas of your body in desperate need of being boosted.  Imagine your musculo-skeletal systems being kneaded and massaged without anyone touching you, but with postures, breathing techniques and other healing modalities taught by a Certified Yoga Nurse who understands and addressed issues with your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, helping to decreases chronic pain, anxiety, or even mild depression and allowing you to improve your sleep. 


I am known for meeting you where you are, and gently helping you progress physically, psychologically, while helping you create the space necessary to be able to listen to your spiritual in a supportive and non-judgmental setting. It is a frequent post class experience to see measurable changes in clients looking to improve the union between their minds, bodies and their creator.  We will work as a team to create a treatment plan to suit your needs and abilities, starting right where you are now. No matter your medical diagnosis, or your physical condition, yoga therapy can help you feel better.

Prior to our initial consultation, (which lasts 30 to 60 minutes) you will be asked to complete a health and well-being assessment form.  Going over the assessment together at the time of your first appointment, we can then isolate and prioritize your health concerns and explore the best ways to address them. You will have my undivided attention as we design an individualized plan.  We will design and practice a simple, enjoyable action plan, you can take home with you to work on in the privacy of your home as recommended. 

 As yoga creates improved health and wellness it may decrease the need for medication and other medical treatments. However, yoga is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. If you are in the care of a medical practitioner, I am happy to work with them.


The fee for your initial evaluation is $75. Follow up visits are $60. A three-session package is available for $150.

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